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Make It Easier For Prospects To Find Your Business: Choose The Right Web Address

Make It Easier For Prospects To Find Your Business: Choose The Right Web Address

Make It Easier For Prospects To Find Your Business: Choose The Right Web Address

A web address refers to the title your customers will type into the toolbar at the top of the screen. The web address of the media giant Amazon is You can check out what Disney is up to at, and so forth. When you have your own online business, people will be able to type in your web address in order to see what youre up to, as well!

Make It Easier For Prospects To Find Your Business: Choose The Right Web Address

This may seem like a somewhat obvious concern, but you will have to think up a web address that is catchy, evocative, and easy to remember, which is no small feat. By this point in the history of the Internet, a great deal of the short, snappy names have been taken. For instance, if your business is called Good Times, well, its highly unlikely youll be able to land for the purposes of your site.

Its gotten to the point where many people choose to name their businesses based off of what web addresses they can land rather than basing the web address of the name of the business. In fact, its probably a smart idea to check out what web addresses are available before building your site if you have the luxury to do so: those who are building websites to bolster a previously existing business wont have this luxury, obviously.

There is a lot of fuss on the Internet regarding using hyphens in web addresses. In an overarching sense, whether or not to use hyphens in your web address comes down to personal preference, but it is true that most people dont stop to note hyphens in the names of addresses unless giving specific directions to a site. Thus, if you have a great name that is available only when you use hyphens ( but goes to a different site when the hyphen is removed (, its probably best to think of another name, lest you end up accidentally sending customers to an unrelated site or, worse, a competitor.

Also of contention are the extensions for web addresses, which can include .com, .edu, .net, .org, .us, .info, .biz, and many others. There are also country specific web addresses such as Of course, the most popular one of these is the .com, and in general, if you can land the web address of your dreams that also happens to be a .com, then the stars are smiling on you and its your lucky day.

However, if theres no chance of that happening, .org and .net are well-known as well and most customers find them perfectly acceptable alternatives. Just make sure to publicize your website with the full web address should you not have a .com extension. The country-specific domain names are great for local businesses after all, if youre working out of Australia and are only serving the Australian community, having a site helps identify you as a local resource and will heighten the chances of your website popping up when a consumer does a search for local businesses.

Make It Easier For Prospects To Find Your Business: Choose The Right Web Address

Substance Over Volume In Link Building

Substance Over Volume In Link Building

Substance Over Volume In Link Building

If you are a search engine optimizer you know how important link building is to your rankings. The problem is that these days most people are aware that link building works and have found ways to exploit and dominate the process.

I have heard stories ranging from Chinese sweatshop link builders to automated software solutions that essentially pollute the Internet with garbage (fake profiles, bogus blog comments, etc.). Anyone who attempts to game the system is usually doing everyone a disservice. There will be a short-term gain from getting ranked well for your keyword but eventually you will be removed altogether.

Substance Over Volume In Link Building

I am sure that the engineers at Google are already working on several plans to make link popularity less relevant in the future. I have made a short list of things I think would be useful tools to judge the popularity of a website, brand, person, product.

Mentions Within The Social Media Space.

Increasingly, social media sites like twitter offer new metrics into the world of popularity. Not only is the data up-to-date and current, it’s much more difficult for anyone to mimic a piece of content going viral and social media. Companies like Google could easily make deals with Facebook and twitter to access their data feeds and use them as a gauge for popularity.

Additionally, Google could search for mentions of the name of a company, twitter account for that company, or any subsequent products as a measure of likability.

Mentions Within E-Mail Communications.

Google is now one of the largest free e-mail providers in the world. It would be very simple for them (if they aren’t already) to monitor the number of times a link is sent through Gmail’s mail servers. This would also be difficult to game because your accounts would quickly get flagged for spam. Additionally Google can monitor the Gmail accounts to see which ones appear to be trying to increase their footprint.

Although I believe that your link popularity score will always play a role in your final ranking. I think it’s time for that metric to stop beating the primary source of data for Google. Once this happens, companies will increasingly be working towards social media strategies to help their bottom line.

If you participate in any kind of link building consider this. Quality will trump quantity in the future. One really good Flickr profile will be better than 100 crappy blog comments. Try to engage the communities within each one of your social profiles online.

Substance Over Volume In Link Building

Maximum Web Promotion with PPC

Maximum Web Promotion with PPC

Engaging in pay-per-click (PPC) advertising has its own benefits and drawbacks.

Business nowadays is doing different kinds of austerity measures when it comes to advertising their products and services. This is because of high rates of placing ads on print and on television. But there is a fast growing approach that businessmen can utilize to bring their services closer to the people and that is through Internet Marketing.

Maximum Web Promotion with PPC

One tool that is causing Internet marketing popularity is PPC advertising. This is a technique used in search engine marketing that requires one to pay a fee every time someone clicks an ad on your website. Usually this placement is done through a bidding process. If you are a top bidder for your keywords/phrases, you are sure to be on the number one spot on all search engines. Just be sure of the effectiveness of your ad copy to get the most number of clicks you need for your business.

PPC The Pros

You need not be a genius in computer and technology to be able to run this ad campaign.

Immediate results are seen after a few days.

No need to make a website conform to the SEO rules.

Nothing to lose even if you do not top the pages of different search engines. You can still always choose PPC advertising.

You can make use any search engine available.

You can type in any keyword you like.

PPC The Cons

Fixed payments every month to the search engine you choose.

Pay for each click received by your website. At times, visitors are just competitors or people playing pranks on search engines. This hassle wastes money you put in to this advertising.

Inability to pay for the fees next month would mean removal of your website on the paid listings.

This advertising can only be used temporarily because it is difficult to handle in the long run.

Pay-per-click pricing can be costly for long periods of time, therefore, this should be stopped after an ad campaign.

But how exactly PPC advertising can increase traffic, leads and sales?

PRE-QUALIFIED TRAFFIC. All visitors of your website are already considered as a qualified consumer or buyer of your product. PPC advertising leads your customers to you for a lesser cost.

INSTANT EXPOSURE, IMMEDIATE PROFITS. PPC search engines enable you to get your desired results fast. They will have your website live within just a few hours which means immediate increase in sale.

CONSISTENT TOP LISTINGS. This is to get your website on top of the sponsored search results for free. You just have to choose the keywords related to your site and business and place them within your web pages. After this, you are done.

PPC advertising enables advertisers to control their advertising campaigns. Advertisers have effectively targeted their audience and set their own price per click. PPC advertising networks provide the platform to identify the desired audience by geographic setting, topic and industry. These networks have a list of websites of the publishers where the ads will be placed.

Tools are provided by the networks to check how the pay per click limit is working for a certain advertiser. If its still competitive, would it be even listed among the paid search lists or does it generate sales? Of course, if the advertiser made the highest bid, the better chances the ad will be seen in the search engine. These networks too provide protection for the advertisers against click fraud. This advertising set-up allows advertisers to set a daily budget for his ads, thus, less spending for unnecessary clicks. Advertiser will never go over his budget.

In PPC advertising, what are important are the keywords and phrases. You have to select at least 10 “very specific” keywords that would give you the best traffic in the search. Then, write the ad creatively but straightforward. Tell the truth about your product or service and do not lie. Good thing if your product or service will not disappoint those that are relying on your ad’s promise – but what if it did otherwise? Important too is the clarity of the ad. Do not use very vague languages. Include important details like the price.

Important! You should also remember to budget your bids. Do not go overbidding because you will only lose your money and do not go so low that your ads will never get the chance to show up. Check your profit against your spending. If you see no progress then most likely you have to drop your ad campaign.

More and more advertisers have been using PPC advertising and it will continue to grow faster than any online advertising techniques. From revenues of $2.6 billion in 2004 to $5.5 billion in 2009, cost per click will dramatically go up as well from $0.29 to $0.36.

PPC advertising is new in online marketing and it is going to continue in the years to come. For advertisers, this means increase revenues with fewer advertising expenses, savings, more sales, good return of investment (ROI) and effective ad campaigns in the days to come.

Maximum Web Promotion with PPC

Most Popular Social Networking Sites and Their Benefits

Most Popular Social Networking Sites and Their Benefits

Most Popular Social Networking Sites and Their Benefits

If you hear the term social networking you might immediately think of sites like Facebook and Twitter. These are some of the biggest social networking sites but there are actually hundreds of social networking, social media and social bookmarking sites on the internet. These big social sites dominate the industry and would have more members than all the other smaller social sites together. Let’s take a quick look at some of the bigger players in the social networking game and how they can benefit you.

Most Popular Social Networking Sites and Their Benefits

1. Facebook – Facebook is huge and is probably the biggest social networking website with millions of members worldwide. Facebook offers many different applications and games and many of the games themselves have become incredibly popular. Games like Farmville, Mafia Wars and Social City have people playing on Facebook for hours at a time.

Business people are now also using Facebook to network with potential customers and build a strong customer base. Facebook allows you to connect with customers on a personal level and build a strong and trusting relationship with them. You can also create fan pages and groups on Facebook that can be very useful for any business person marketing a website or business online.

2. Twitter – Twitter is also extremely popular and brings about a whole unique for of networking. With Twitter you micro-blog which is when you post short updates to your Twitter page. If you are using Twitter to promote your business you will want to seek out other Twitter members that are interested in your niche. When you find members that could be potential customers you then ‘follow’ them. When you begin to follow people many of them will follow you. Whenever you post an update to your Twitter page, your followers will see it.

The more members you have following you the more people you have to market to and you will find more and more people will begin to follow you. Keep on building up the number of people that you follow and your followers will also increase. When you have updated your own website or blog then you can put an update on Twitter with a link to your website or blog. Your followers can then see your website link and visit your website. You can even update your Twitter status via your mobile phone.

Twitter is an amazing tool for promoting an online business and there are thousands of Internet Marketers profiting from Twitter every day.

3. MySpace – Although MySpace isn’t as popular as it once was, it is still quite popular and has thousands of members. MySpace has a number of niches within the community where you can meet people that share your interests or people you can market to if your business is in that niche. MySpace is one of the original social networking websites and connects users who share interests in books, TV shows, videos, music and much more. You can make new friends and you can share images and music with those friends.

4. LiveJournal – Livejournal is a social network blogging site where you can create your own blog within their community and other community members can read your blog posts. This is a great way to blog about your business and you will have a large community of members that you can market to. Every user at Livejournal has a blog account and you can leave comments on other members blogs. The more active you are in the community the more users will comment on your blog and follow your blog posts.

5. Flickr – Flickr is a little different than most social networking in that it is based around photo sharing. With Flickr you can create an account and upload your favorite photos. Photos can be tagged, shared, edited and commented on and you can connect with other members through your interest in photography.

6. Digg – Digg is another great social networking site that is based around sharing news and media with other members of the community. When a member shares a news story, other members can leave comments or rate the media by ‘digging’ it. The media with the highest number of diggs is the most popular and will have good exposure. This is a great way to promote your business if you can get a high number of diggs and get a lot of exposure to your article.

These are just some of the top social networking websites and there are many others. If you are looking for a method to market your business then why not try some social networking websites.

Most Popular Social Networking Sites and Their Benefits

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