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Delegate To Your Outsourcers!

Delegate To Your Outsourcers!

Delegate To Your Outsourcers!

Any business whether it is a home business or a large corporate venture entails a lot of things. With a large business, it is quite easy to see that there are a lot of things involved, but even with home businesses there are various processes, such as the planning aspect, the finding work aspect, the execution of the tasks aspect, the communication aspect, the payment handling and accounting aspect and the further investment aspect. If you are planning to be a home business entrepreneur, you can see that there are various things for you to do. So, which of these can you outsource?

Delegate To Your Outsourcers!

Now, with the Internet making the whole world such a closely-knit domain, you can find professionals to handle all kinds of tasks. They will even plan a whole business venture for you if you have the funds. However, at least initially, you will be on a budget and would like to outsource only things that you really cannot do.

The best idea, then, is to outsource some of the execution aspect of your business. Like, if your home business is about handling content writing jobs, you could outsource the actual writing part. However, the things that are integral for keeping your business going such as planning, obtaining work, communicating with clients, payment handling, etc. should be done by yourself. A lot of people obtain work for higher sums of money and pay a flat rate to writers whom they outsource the work to, keeping the difference as their earnings.

It really helps when you outsource the execution part of your work because of various reasons.

The execution part is always the most laborious task. If you are running a website design and development company, the actual designing of the website is the most difficult thing. If this aspect were outsourced, you could focus on getting more clients, while at the same time you are getting the jobs done as well.

Also, you can control the execution part better. When some content is written by your employee, you could check its quality and send it back for proofreading or editing if required. When someone designs a logo for your client, you could review it and suggest changes. You can thus supervise these things overall.

When your business grows, you will find that you need to outsource many more things. You might need someone for data entry just to maintain the records of your business. You might need someone just to communicate with your various clients and keep them updated with whats happening. You might need someone to handle the bidding or other routes in which you obtain work. You might even need a virtual manager to handle all these aspects of your business at once.

Know that it is possible to find outsourcing professionals for all your needs, from telemarketing to the complete management of your business. The main thing is in knowing when to use these professionals.

Delegate To Your Outsourcers!

Getting Professionals from Online Jobsites

Getting Professionals from Online Jobsites

Getting Professionals from Online Jobsites

Since the online jobsites are the best places for you to get professionals, let us look at them in a little more detail.

Here are some of the advantages of getting professionals from here:

Getting Professionals from Online Jobsites

People you will find on the jobsites have registered here with the express intention of finding work. Many jobsites are free to join, but some require paid memberships. Being a paid member may reflect a bit more on their sincerity about being professional. Hence, you can be sure you get some sincere people to give your work to.

There are various ways in which you can find how good a particular worker is. Every jobsite has a rating and review system (for the employee as well as the employer). This helps you decide.

All websites have an escrow system. This takes care of all disputes. Once an escrow is made, the website will arbitrate any problems that arise.

You can make detailed project posts, outlining clearly what you want to be done, what time and budget you can afford. People make bids accordingly, so you can be sure you wont have to bargain.

You can ask people to show samples of their past work.

You can also invite people to bid on your project.

It is very simple to post projects on online jobsites. Many of them, like GetAFreelancer, allow you to post projects for free (though they do take a $5 refundable deposit for each project you post). You only have to post all details of the work as you want it, spell out the timeframe and the budget you can offer and post it in the relevant category.

Once your project is live, which is instantaneous, people start bidding. Then, all you have to do is to look at the bids closely and make your decision on whom to select for your job.

You cannot communicate personally with the bidders till you select them. However, there is a private message board that helps you communicate with them, subject to certain restrictions (like you cannot give out your personal contact details in any way). This helps you decide better about whom to select.

Many people are forging fruitful and long-term work relationships through these online freelance jobsites, irrespective of geographical barriers, and getting mutually benefited. Without the hassle of actually needing employers on their premises, they are able to get their work done professionally and, in most cases, in cheaper ways as well.

Getting Professionals from Online Jobsites

Outsourcing. Who Can I hire?

Outsourcing. Who Can I hire?

Outsourcing. Who Can I hire?

Here are a few tips on finding professionals to whom you can outsource your work requirements.

Outsourcing. Who Can I hire?

Online Jobsites

The best place to get outsourcing professionals is the online jobsites. The following is a list of 10 of the best of these sites.

GetAFreelancer (

ScriptLance (

EUFreelance (

eLance (

Guru (

RentACoder (

PeoplePerHour (

LimeExchange (

oDesk (

GetACoder (

You will find various categories here. These are job categories. When you have a particular work requirement, all you do is post your project in the relevant job category and people who are interested in accomplishing the task for you will make their bids on it. The concept is quite simple, and because only people who are genuinely looking for work can be found on these sites, you can be sure that you will get your work done.


There are several forums on the Internet where people put up their work requirements and other people take them up. There is a bidding game involved here as well, but it is not as rampant as on the freelance jobsites. Projects need to be posted as individual threads and interested people make their bids on them. You can also invite particular people to work on your project.

Digital Point Forums ( is the best forum where you can find people to handle your jobs for you.

Social Networking Websites

All social networking websites can be looked upon as a potential source to get professionals to handle various tasks. There are groups for freelance professionals on the popular sites. You could become a part of these groups and post your projects.

The following are 3 of the most popular social networking sites where you can find professionals to work for you:-

MySpace (

Facebook (

Twitter (

The only problem with social networking sites is that it is not necessary that these people are looking for work because that is not the primary focus on these sites. Also, there are no systems in place to protect two individuals who work with each other, like you find escrow systems on freelance jobsites.

If you have been following closely until now, there is no reason why you shouldnt get your job done to your satisfaction. But, there are times when difficulties begin to creep in.

One thing that you shouldnt tolerate at all is non-responsiveness. On the Internet, the unsaid rule is that any professional email must be replied to within 24 hours, or sooner if your agreement is to that effect. If you are in the same time zone, theres no reason to wait for 24 hours either. If you dont get your reply within that time, you might as well begin looking somewhere else.

Another thing that is of utmost importance is quality. Even if your outsourcing professional has been providing you good work, do keep checking on it often. Remember that you are not seeing these people. Some of them might pass on their work to cheaper people and work as middlepersons. When that happens, quality definitely goes down.

If you are outsourcing your work, make it a point to outsource it directly to the person who will execute the job and not to a middleperson.

Avoid companies unless absolutely necessary. For home businesses, individuals are the best outsourcing professionals. However, if you are a large company and looking for something like a telemarketing agency, then, of course, you need a team of people whom you can outsource your job to.

The two major problems that can happen even after you have selected your professional carefully are non-responsiveness and deterioration of quality. Do not tolerate these problems, or your business will suffer.

Earlier we spoke about keeping a friendly rapport with your professionals. This is fine but only till the time they are providing you consistent good work. If the professional aspect of the relationship begins to wither, you need to tighten things a bit. Let the boss in you show when that happens.

Outsourcing Milestones and Escrows

Outsourcing Milestones and Escrows

Outsourcing Milestones and Escrows

If you want to get the best people working for you, you simply cannot ignore milestones and escrows. Milestones are especially important when you are working on huge projects and want people to give you their deliverables in smaller installments so that you could manage work at your end as well. And we have already seen how escrows are important.

Outsourcing Milestones and Escrows

Some websites, like eLance in particular, help you to state the form in which you want your deliverables. You could actually set up milestones for the whole project. Among other benefits, this ensures that your employee can manage the deadline in a much better manner. You can also keep tabs on things better.

It is ideal anyway to post only short-term projects at the start, until you have a rapport set up with the worker. Even though everything might seem all right to you in the bid, there are chances that something might go wrong when the actual project is underway. If you have a long project running, it could be cumbersome to bail out of these difficult situations. However, a short-term project can help.

On GetAFreelancer, the shortest project you can post should be worth $30. However, on most other sites, there is no minimum limit for the project you post.

The best way to make the payment is through an escrow system. Most jobsites work with escrows (which is actually the main reason why you should use these freelance jobsites because an escrow protects both parties). When you select a bidder, you deposit some money into an escrow account. This money is held by the website but not released to the bidder yet. When they accomplish the task, you can direct the website to release the funds to them.

Escrow helps you because in case there is any problem with the project later on and you dont feel like you should pay, you could ask the website to arbitrate. No freelance website will arbitrate if an escrow wasnt made. Also, the worker knows that you have money for the project and it motivates them to do a better job.

Outsourcing Milestones and Escrows

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