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What To Do When You Want To Build a PLR Business

What To Do When You Want To Build a PLR Business

What To Do When You Want To Build a PLR Business

Since we began on creating quality PLR content, we have come across quite a few people wondering how they could create PLR products for themselves. I think this is a wonderful idea, and feel like the more people creating PLR content should mean the higher quality available to all of us.

What To Do When You Want To Build a PLR Business

With that in mind, we dont mind giving people a glimpse at the way we create our high quality products. We do a wide variety of different types of PLR so the exact process is never the same but in general we follow a process much like this:

1. Identify a Need: The first step we take is identifying what people are looking for. There are a lot of ways to do this. We are active on some forums so we can gauge peoples interests that way. We have a social media presence so we can ask our followers and friends. We belong to online networking groups, so we can poll these groups as often as we want. Lastly, we listen to our customers We have a forum that allows anyone to suggest a topic or idea for a product.

2. Brainstorm: Once we have a general topic, we will sit down individually or in a team setting and brainstorm potential product ideas. At this point we will be taking a broad look at our product. We will figure out the main piece of content. It could be an eBook, an article bundle, a video bundle, audio, a system, a report or anything else. At this point we will decide on the topic and delivery format of our PLR Product.

3. Research: We will then begin our research. All of our products are properly researched and provide the most recent of information (when they are written of course). We will usually let the member of our team with the most experience in a particular topic handle the bulk of the content. Justin is a whiz with personal development, while I like to take on the WordPress products. We also have strategic partnerships with local experts, like personal trainers, masseuses and teachers.

3. Creatives Time: At this point we will begin creating the basic cover of the product. We do this now, because it can inspire the content creation part of the process. Also, we may need to use the images in some of the content, so best to get this out of the way. We will brainstorm a product title and heading as well as general idea for the cover. We create a flat image in Adobe Fireworks. We edit it and tweak it until we are happy. Then we export as a flat image, editable png and editable psd. We then use software to wrap this flat image in a variety of 3d images (like eBook covers)

At this point we will also create banner ads and a mini-site, for anyone that wants to start quickly selling or giving away(as an opt-in) our product. We throw in editable images of everything as well as sometimes some additional graphics like buy now buttons.

4: Content Creation: Now we will take our research from earlier and create our main piece of content. Like mentioned before this could be any number of formats. If the main piece was an eBook we would create the eBook in Mac Pages and then export an editable Word version, as well as a high quality PDF.

5. Edit Main Content: Important step here we edit the content to try and make sure it is free of errors. While this is a time consuming step we usually make sure at least two of our team members (and 99% of the time it is Justin and I) edit the product.

6. Create Add-Ons: Here we get creative. We can now take this product from great to a must-buy by creating a bunch of high impact add-ons. Some of our most popular would be things like an autoresponder drip, posters, infographics, graphics, tweets, lists of resources and etc We create as many as make sense for the product. We also of course edit theses as closely as the content.

7. Complete Packaging: At this point we do another once over on the editing, we make sure that everything is included and then we zip it up and upload to our servers.

8. Send To Members: Our members get first crack at everything we make. We post the product in our members area and then broadcast a message to everyone saying it is available for download.

9. Launch & Promote: We launch and promote our new offer in a number of ways. This is when the product is offered to the the general public.

10. Regular Maintenance: Through this whole process we make sure we go out of our way to provide timely support. This is not bragging, this is us giving you advice if you want to sell something. If you sell a product stand behind it. Also, since we run a membership site there are a ton of behind the scene duties that are just as exhaustive as the entire list above. We focused on the product creation side of things for this post, but when it comes to eCommerce that isnt even half the battle.

What To Do When You Want To Build a PLR Business

Making Over $1000 Fast With PLR

Making Over $1000 Fast With PLR

Making Over $1000 Fast With PLR

I wanted to share a casual case study on generating money with PLR. I found myself needing a lump sum of money last month. It was a surprise cost that kind of caught me flat footed. I had just finished paying for some software updates AND ALL of my outsourcers.

I needed to make some money quick and figured since I had all of these PLR products created I might as well use a couple.

I knew the key to making money quick would be offline. AKA I hit the streets. I know some online earners hate to hit the streets but sometimes it is a quick and easy way to not only make money, but build your network.

The best part is this really cost me nothing to start. If you were to do it you would have to pay for the PLR but that is it.well, plus the cost of printing two pages.

Making Over $1000 Fast With PLR

The first thing I did was choose some PLR products I chose 4 social media and web based PLR products.

I stuck with these four to begin with. They are all geared towards local small businesses so they are perfect for my demographic.

Using Mac Pages I created a one page menu or brochure that had an image of each of the products and some sales copy. I included a price of $9 per guide. I then created another page that was full of eye popping stats about online marketing. I got these stats from other PLR products we had created. I got both of these printed and laminated for less than $10.

I then hit the streets, the internet and the phones. Obviously not all at once but my main goal was to get in front of decision makers. I phoned some friends and got referrals. I posted on the towns Facebook wall asking if any local businesses needed online marketing help and I got requests for meetings this way.

Lastly, I hit the streets and did a walk up and down downtown not selling with anything just getting meetings. I was totally honest and transparent. I asked biz owners if they were happy with their online presence, and if not would they mind considering some ways they could increase their online exposure. I dealt with some rude and gruff responses, but on the whole most people were interested and a number of them committed to some meetings.

After ONE day of hitting the streets, and another day of hitting up my own network via email, Facebook and the phone I had scheduled 17 meetings over the next week.

Here was my general plan of attack in the meetings. I simply asked about their current online presence and listened. I gave them some hints if I noticed anything glaring missing from their presence. After some discussion I showed them my menu of PLR products and explained how each could help them. I also showed them the stats sheet. I went into my pitch and tried to sell them on the cheap guides. If people wanted to negotiate I would as long as I kept above the cost for printing the guides. A number of people I sold instantly. Some people paid right away and others didnt feel comfortable until I had the guide for them. Either way I dont really care because even if I get stiffed for a guide or two that isnt the real money maker

I took the orders, and told them I would bring them their guide on whatever date (this is also an added excuse to get in front of potential customers, and when you come back you will be welcomed because you are bringing in a product for them totally different dynamic on this visit use it!). Only once I had gotten all of my orders did I print the guides. This way no waste whatsoever, unless someone backed out of course but that really isnt a big deal and actually never happened to me. Anyways, all orders (paid or awaiting guide) equaled out to 29 (this included some biz owners getting all 4). Now, since some of these deals were bundles the gross revenue from selling the guides was about $225. I ended up paying about $100 to print the guides out.

So after a couple of days I had netted $125. Not good enough. The key is though, the guides werent my main objective. Essentially the guides were advertising for big ticket offers. So in essence, I just got paid $125 to advertise to local businesses. Not bad!

Now here is the key fill your guides with up-sells! Offer social media training, web design, web hosting affiliate links, etc Since I have access to all of the PLR at Best Quality PLR, I even offered bundles of eBooks as digital downloads. I didnt get too obnoxious with the ads in the guides but I wasnt shy with them either. I even had a couple mini fliers made and inserted them. These fliers were for web design deals.

Now I have the skill to build websites for local businesses, but if you dont worry about it. Outsource it! Just make sure you charge enough to make a profit.

Anyways, TWO days after I had dropped off the guides around town I got an email form a local business looking for a simple website. I was able to use my Hostgator affiliate link for their hosting and domain so another $50 right there. On top of that, we worked out a deal for a basic website one grand! The customer was more than happy to pay half in advance since at this point we had an established relationship.

So after that process I had earned:

$125 from guide (ad!) sales

$50 Hostgator affiliate

$1000 web deal


Not bad for essentially a weeks work. It wont let me retire early, but I was in a pinch and needed money. I was able to get it with PLR. The crazy thing is I have been in constant contact with 4 other business owners so I am probably going to make even more money.

If there is one thing I would change it was not including some sort of online coaching offer. So many of the business owners have just wanted to chat. I like creating goodwill, but there is also value in letting people know your time is valuable. It is also yet another monetization method on something I have already did all the legwork on. I think if I do this again I will include a mini flyer for a discount on online coaching.

Not everyone feels comfortable hitting the streets, but if you have a plan, an offer and some great PLR products you WILL make some money.

Making Over $1000 Fast With PLR

PLR You Can Be Proud Of

PLR You Can Be Proud Of

PLR You Can Be Proud Of

There is a lot of PLR content available online these days. With more content being created, there is more opportunity to find great PLR products. I remember even a few years ago, there was much less PLR available and the quality was a bit less impressive, generally speaking. Now that there is more and more good quality being created, it is time that people get picky.


One of the main uses and benefits of PLR is in re-branding. You can take a fully finished product and slap your name on it. You gain instant credibility, an asset and potentially a money making tool. Just like with anything though do you want to slap your name on poor quality PLR? As soon as your name goes onto that product, it reflects on you and your brand.

PLR You Can Be Proud Of

Imagine walking into a meeting looking to an offline meeting to secure a 6 figure deal, would you want to toss a bad quality report to the customer you are trying to close? Worse yet do you want your NAME on it?

If you are even considering this, just to let you know the answer isno. No you do NOT want to do that.

You want PLR products you can be proud of. PLR products that will help close a deal and brand you as a pro not make you look like a rookie in over his head.

When you are buying a PLR product that you plan on rebranding as your own, and you want to be proud of it.then there are a couple things to look for:

1. Packaging Is the packaging for this product unique and high quality? Are there some graphic design elements included with the PLR. Packaging can make a report really stand out and adds professionalism. A proper cover page makes a difference. It grabs and holds attention. packaging isnt just about the design though what about the actual report/ebook? You want to make sure it is typed out in an easy to follow style that looks professional. Visual appeal counts in our society so if you buy PLR without any you might want to consider the extra cost it will take to have some created.

2. How It is Written You should always read your PLR to make sure it is error free. While typos happen and can be easily addressed with the editable versions, significant grammar issues can be tougher to tackle. Since the price of PLR is so low, often producers will outsource there work to people who have English as a second language. This can lead to grammar issues, a clunky read and other confusions. English is actually one of the toughest languages to master because of a lot of weird idiosynracies. Even English speaking writers might not be any good. This is why you have to read your products through to make sure they are the quality youd be proud to hand someone.

3. Current You want to have current info. PLR can be sold for years and if the content isnt updated then it can quickly lag behind current times. if you are an offline marketing trying to land web based deals, you want current info. Your customer certainly will. The best way to ensure current PLR is to buy freshly created content. This wont guarantee the content is current, but it certainly helps. Often PLR membership sites are good for this because they are constantly adding new content.

PLR You Can Be Proud Of

4 Must-Have Tools For PLR Creators To Make More Money Online

4 Must-Have Tools For PLR Creators To Make More Money Online

In this post I’m going to look at a couple of tools that I use almost everyday to help with the PLR creation process. These tools are certainly not PLR specific, but they will help address problems or needs that you may have related to the creative process.

4 Must-Have Tools For PLR Creators

Even if you are a long time PLR creator some of these tools might be helpful. I know Evernote which I mention below was introduced to me only a couple of months ago. I had been creating PLR for years before I found it, and now I cant imagine creating a product without using Evernote.

If you are looking to produce high quality rebrandable content then you should certainly consider the following tools and resources:

1. BoxShot 3D

This is a simple little program, doesnt use a lot of resources, but packs a powerful punch. This software is exclusively designed to take your flat images and create 3D images from them. You can take a normal image and then wrap it around 3D models of things like eBooks, cans, bottles, boxes, CD Cases, DVD cases, Binders, Brochures and MORE.

This really helps you take your Private Label Rights products to the next level. Even to have one 3D soft cover book image will instantly increase the perceived value of your product. The software is easy to use and reliable. Much easier than fooling around in Photoshop skewing images. And yes the link is an affiliate link, but I only share affiliate links to products I use and recommend. Also the link goes to a trial version download which is free to try.

4 Must Have Tools And How To Use PLR To Make Money On Line

2. Evernote

This is a game changer. I use this so often that I cant believe there was a time I didnt have it. let me ask you this how organized are you? I am HORRIBLY organized. It is reallly bad in fact. I have text notes all over my computer, haphazardly stored and clearly not sorted in any manner. I am also the king of the mental note. Well, I am the King of MAKING mental notes and promptly forgetting them.

Not any more though.

For the past couple of months I have been an organized machine working efficeintly towards PLR domination and I owe it all to Evernote. Now every note I make, I make in Evernote. Every note I take is easily organized AND searchable. No longer do I have the next great PLR idea and forget it. I have a notebook full of random ideas for PLR products. When I am in need of inspiration I can easily find all my brainstormed notes.

I have multiple to-do lists set up as well, every time I open Evernote my daily/weekly/long term goals and to-dos are right in front of me.

Evernote also stores all of your notes in the cloud so you can access theme from ANY where on ANY platform. This includes either iPhone or Android for you smart phone users.

3. Adobe Fireworks

This is an expensive one but very worth it if you are creating any sort of web based graphics on the regular. I use this program more than any on my computer (besides internet browsers, and message clients). I guess some people would ask why not just use Photoshop and to be honest I dont have a great answer to that. I prefer Fireworks for graphics. If I want to work with photos, then I will use Photoshop. When i work with graphics I go Fireworks.

This is simply a graphic design program. It is a lot like Photoshop and I couldnt tell you all of the differences to be honest. I find it more beginner friendly to begin with.

I use this tool for everything. PLR covers, PLR graphics, Screen shots, PLR websites, Minisites and of course all of the graphics needed for our actual site where we sell and host our PLR.

It is a lot to learn and I have far from mastered it, but if you put in the hours using it you will learn more than enough on your own to really upgrade the graphics in your PLR.

4. Mac Pages –

UH OH A Mac vs PC debate coming up! It is about to get all Vancouver Rioty up in here OK, not really.

I can use a Mac but I am not passionate. Whatever gets the job done I say. This is not a PC vs MAC debate. HOWEVER, I have used both platforms quite a bit and I have to say  I Work Pages is certainly a better program than MS Word when it comes to creating high quality PDFs. I dont know what it is but the templates are better looking, it is more intuitive to use and the PDF exporting is heads above Word IMO.

The one issue I have had, is exporting to a Word Doc, you have to be careful with what Pages tools you use when you want to create a .doc version. Some of the more advanced Pages tools may not translate well in Word. That said after dozens of PLR products created, all including a editable .doc format of an eBook, creating a Word doc in Pages is possible.

4 Must-Have Tools For PLR Creators And How To Make More Money Online

When creating PLR products the very first thing you have to do is to choose a topic or niche. Obviously, if you are creating a product or writing an article pack, you have to choose what to write about. Basics.

What might not be so obvious, is what to choose! Since you are trying to make money, the key will be to choose something that sells. You need to choose niches or topics that are in DEMAND.

There is demand for PLR in a lot of niches, but having run a membership site for awhile now there are definitely some things to consider when you are choosing your topic or niche.

1. Your Knowledge Base What do you like writing about, what are you good at writing? Is there anything you know more about than the average person? This is a great way to think of a topic to write about. This wont guarantee commercial success, but it will let you put together the best product you can, in the least time possible.

Take the time to brainstorm, and write a huge list of your interests, experiences and things you know a lot about. These could all be potential topics for your PLR. When you choose something from this list you will know that you will be able to write about it and will probably save a lot of research time.

2. Whats Hot PLR is a very web-based business so that means things move rapidly. You have to keep your eyes and ears open on what it is popular especially when it comes to the internet. If you are creating PLR you dont want to miss out on a hot topic these topics can come and go fast so make sure you take advantage. Some of our biggest successes have been from trending topics like Mobile Marketing and Google+.

3. The Classic Earners Since I have been creating PLR products for a couple of years now, I have learned that some niches always sell well. They might not be MONSTER sellers like trending niches can be, but they will always garner enough interest to be worth pursuing. I am sure people will have their own views on this, but looking back at our last 60 or so products, I feel like the following niches seem to consistently be PLR friendly:

Social Media (Twitter, Facebook especially)

Health (Diet, Exercise, etc)

Online Marketing


4. Products That Transcend Niches Another thing that we have found selling PLR, is that products which can be used across a wide variety of niches sell particularly well. This makes sense because the products arent limited to small niches. These type of products for us have included:

Time Management


Content Creation

That is not a full list by far, but those have been the most successful ones that I have sold. The common theme between them is that they could be helpful to just about anyone who is working online. Everyone needs time, motivation and content!

When it comes to choosing a niche for your PLR product, the above considerations will help you create something that is commercially viable. Now that said, and I may be in the minority, but I also think you shouldnt lose too much sleep over your choice of topic. I say jump right in, if it doesnt sell well, you still have a business asset you can use on upsells/bundles and like Jay-Z says On to the next one.

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